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Sheen Vs. Trump for President

April 24, 2011

Or Dr. Phil vs. Dr. Drew in the relevant psychologist competition.


Grow a Beard, Will Ferrell

April 23, 2011

B-b-but… I could have joined the ranks of greatness.  Jesus…  Abe Lincoln…  Gandalf…

The Office is Like a Cake

April 22, 2011

Jim Carrey and Will Farrell will probably duke it out with fisticuffs over the screen time in this season’s last episode.  Or settle it with a game of Monopoly.

Power by Kanye West, Dedicated to Super Mario

March 16, 2011

Its not every day you see a plumber slay a dragon.  Or jump three times his height.

Charlie Sheen – Duh! Winning!

March 6, 2011

We thought about trying harder to be funny, but Charlie Sheen is a punch line in and of himself.

Nico Minaj or Nicki Minaj?

February 18, 2011

Fake butts for all.

Paula Abdul – Live To Dance

February 16, 2011

Sorry, Sanjaya.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West Reconciled

September 13, 2010

TigerWoods Hey u guyz im rly sry so plz give sponsorshps back, k?
Feb 19th via web

Cake Boss

September 7, 2010

And then, magically, a vendor comes through with a ready-made batch of Marscapone Cream and they deliver the order on time.  You had me on the edge of my seat, Tony.


Bad Romance by Lady Gaga – or Animal from The Muppets

June 29, 2010

Or even Rubber Ducky You’re The One re-released as a rock ballad.  The possibilities are endless.